Financing A Car: How To Get in the Driver’s Seat

Financial difficulties can cause consumers to feel they’ve lost control and have few choices left. Often they feel at the complete mercy of lenders and creditors. When making necessary purchases, like a vehicle, they feel forced to accept terms and pay interest rates that are, to put it simply, unreasonable.

Unscrupulous sellers will always exist in the marketplace. Unfortunately consumers, especially those in potentially vulnerable financial situations, have to stay aware and informed to avoid being taken advantage of by dealers who may be less than fair. But the solution begins with education. Take the quiz below to see if you’re ready to get in the driver’s seat and regain control of your financial destiny!

1. Do you see your interactions with a car dealer as adversarial?

Selling, particularly something as critical as a vehicle, should be personal. The key to successful sales is relationship building and good dealers know it. A good dealer doesn’t want to sell you a car once. He wants you to come back. He knows that one day you may be buying his most expensive vehicle. He knows you’ll be letting your family and friends know what your experience was like. He also wants to sell you on service. Providing dependable, courteous service is essential in a healthy business relationship. A good dealer knows it.

Find the right dealer first. Then look for the right car.

2. Do you assume you won’t be able to get a loan?

Car dealers are struggling with the same economy that the consumers are! Bottom line: they want your business. And they want a long-term relationship with you, and your family. A good dealer knows that providing credit with reasonable terms at a fair rate will keep you coming back. A good dealer can’t afford to offer less than reasonable terms. Surviving the economy long-term depends on building trust and relationships with customers.

3. Do you assume that to build your credit back it’s best not to apply for credit or loans at all?

This is a mistake. Applying for a loan and making regular payments on time is critical to beginning to build damaged credit. In as little as one year of showing reliable payments and building a credit history, consumers can make marked improvements in their credit scores and begin receive further credit.

4. Do you believe car dealers are the bad places to get auto loans?

If you do, you’re mistaken! A good dealer, again, wants to get repeat business from you – he wants a life time relationship with you, your family and your friends. And he wants to sell you a car, so he has more incentive to provide great loan options. Finding the right dealer, a dealer who makes you feel comfortable, explains terms and finds the right car for you is the first step in getting a reliable vehicle. Building credit and getting reliable transportation starts with relationship building. A good dealer will give you the opportunity to prove your dependability and reciprocate when it comes time for service.

5. Do you believe the economy will “take care of itself” no matter what car you pick?

If you think buying American doesn’t matter, think again. Buying an American car can directly impact you, your family and your community. American car dealers have more in common with you than you may think! You’re on the same side! Buying American can actually pay off in more ways than you may think. The car you buy today could impact the job offer you or someone you know, gets up the road. When American car dealers make a profit, it’s an American profit. They, in turn, invest in their communities and that in turn, helps us all.

Becoming discouraged by financial difficulties is easy, but rebuilding credit by taking action and buying a reliable car from a dependable dealer can help. The first step is building a solid business relationship with the right dealer. The right dealer will be selling more than a car. The right dealer will work with you to get you through the tough times, so he can be there for the long haul. Take action today!